Learning Support

The aim of our Learning Support Programme is to ensure that all students have equal opportunities in accessing our broad and balanced curriculum. As the students are the center of our community here at The International School of Como, so then are the diverse learning styles that come with such a wide community. Our school embraces an inclusive model of education that values learning differences rather than learning abilities.

Here at ISC we are committed to meeting our students’ academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and physical needs in the form of one on one support, small group sessions, in-class support, or in some cases a modified curriculum. A student is considered for the Learning Support Programme if a fundamental or specific difficulty with learning or accessing the curriculum has been identified, or if an individual exhibits high levels of achievement in one or all curriculum areas which call for special educational provision. Should the needs of the student extend past that which the Learning Support Programme is able to fully accommodate, parents will be asked to provide an external support specialist during school hours, or to obtain external evaluations from relevant specialists.

Our inclusive approach considers teachers, students, specialists, and parents as equally integral parts of the Learning Support team that will collaborate closely to support student progress. This collaboration takes place during termly Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings that will serve to address barriers to learning by designing differentiated action plans, appropriate accommodations, and specific learning goals for individuals in the programme. Ultimately, we believe that, through skilled and sensitive teaching and support, students with differing learning styles and talents can find individual paths to success and fulfillment, as well as contribute to the fulfillment of other students.

For more information regarding our Learning Support Programme, please contact our Learning Support Coordinator or our Admission’s Officer.