Middle School Years - MYP

11 to 14

middle-schoolISC Middle School offers the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) which is the next step in the IB continuum of international education.  We  currently cover  ages 11-16/MYP 1-4 and  in 2017, ISC will have completed the MYP arriving to MYP 5.  Thereafter, the ISC will offer  the last 2 years of the internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme (IB DP).  

The MYP builds on the foundations acquired in Elementary school, encouraging students to become independent, internationally minded, and lifelong learners.

Our aim is to deliver an International Education and at the same time provide the important elements of the Italian State Curriculum.  In the first 3 years of middle school (MYP 1-3), we take the Italian Scuola Media Programme and integrate it into the MYP program so that Italian students are prepared for the end-of-year State Italian Exams. This is a bilingual programme.

All of our students receive a rich curriculum which is comprehensive and challenging, helping students build a strong foundation in the major subject areas as well as several foreign languages. Skills are developed alongside knowledge, and the students become thoughtful, creative and valuable members of the International and Italian communities.

Our educators are caring and experienced and are aware that students in this age group need security, support and success.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL support is provided from Grade 1 through Grade 10 (MYP).  Students who are non-native speakers of English and need extra assistance with the language are placed in our EAL programme. These students may benefit from an intensive English course, particularly in the first months of the school year.  EAL teaches English in an academic setting. Learning a second language generally follows the pattern of learning a first language and conversational English is most often learned quite rapidly and enables students to communicate with their peers. Research indicates it may take up to five to seven years for non-native speakers to develop the academic aspects of the language to the same standard as native speakers. Please refer to the ISC Tuition Fees for EAL costs

The MYP curriculum is organised around eight traditional subject areas:

Subject Areas



Art, Music and Drama

Individuals & Societies 

History, and Geography,

Language & Literature 

English and Italian (Mother Tongue Teachers)

Language Acquisition

Spanish or Italian or German


Mathematics in English and Italian

Physical & Health Education

Physical Education


Integrated Sciences: biology, chemistry, physics in English and Italian


Product Design and Digital Design

Homework policy mirrors that of the primary section of the International School of Como, and is set to reinforce the work done in class. The purpose of homework is to help our students develop good study habits and to extend research/work covered in class. The amount of homework depends on the subject and the Grade level, with special considerations for Italian, English and Maths, where students may receive slightly more. 


Reports and Assessments

Report cards and Assessments of your child’s progress at ISC are carried out in a variety of ways: ranging from traditional tests, to oral presentation, from performance to observation, with teacher, peer and self assessment. In addition, at the end of each year, students take exams, both written and oral, in the subjects they have studied.

Formal written Reports- are sent out in February and June.  These show student achievement against each of the subject criteria as well as a summative grade on the 1 to 7 scale.

Interim Reports are sent out in November and April.  These show an indication of student progress but are not officially recorded on School transcripts.

Conferences between parents, teachers and students are done in October, February and April 

Occasional incidental reports are on-going reports about progress, achievements or particular concerns.

Assessments -  Internal or External

  • support and encourage students by providing feedback of the learning process
  • inform, enhance and improve teaching
  • promote positive student attitudes towards learning
  • promote the development of higher-order cognitive skills by stretching student self-expectations 

In addition to an assessment of the student’s level of achievement in each of the subjects, there will also be a comment about personal/social development, approaches to learning, and an evaluation of the student’s level of engagement overall with the programme.


Daily and Weekly Timetable

There are 35 lessons of 50 minutes that makes 29 hours 10 minutes weekly, plus 2 hours for Individual Tutoring, Enrichment activities or Library. Some subjects will have double lessons.  Each subject is taught for no less than 50 hours per year.

8.30 in homeroom for registration

8.40 – 9.30

Period 1

9.30 – 10.20

Period 2

10.20 – 11.10

Period 3

11.10 – 11.25


11.25 – 12.15

Period 4

12.15 – 13.05

Period 5

13.05 – 13.25


13.25 – 13.45

Lunch break

13.45 – 14.35

Period 6

14.35 – 15.25

Period 7

15.25 – 16-00

Italian Curriculum enrichment/Optional lessons/study (MYP 2-3)

study/extra tutoring/homework


The Italian and the International Strand

Students in MYP 1 access some subjects in both Italian and English (Individuals & Societies, Maths  and Science). It is felt that this is an advantage for mother tongue Italians who can further develop their  language, but is also an advantage for non-Italian speakers, who thus not only learn another language, but learn IN another language, which deepens and extends their command of it. 

In MYP 2 and 3, parents can choose whether to have their child follow an Italian option, which would continue bilingual learning and, if wanted, will lead to preparation of the student to take the Italian terza media state exam. Students who opt for an International path will approach all their subjects in English, except for Maths, which will continue to be bilingual.

Courses MYP 1 MYP 2 & 3
Italian Strand
MYP 2 & 3
International Strand
English 5 5 6
Italian 4 5 4
Spanish/German 2 2 2
Maths 4 4 4
Italian Maths 3 3 3
Science 2 2 3
Italian Science 1 1 0
History and Geography 3 2 4
Italian History and Geography 2 2 *(+1 HWK) 0
Drama 1 1 1
Physical and Health Ed. 2 2 2
Art 1 1 1
Design 2 2 2
Italian Tech Draw 1 1 1
Music 1 1 1
Homeroom time 1 1 1
TOTAL 35 35+1 35


MYP Subject Information


Curriculum, Aims, Objectives and subject description

(Further detailed information for each of the 3 Middle School Years is available by clicking the specific subject areas)

 We will provide language support lessons in either language for students who are not yet bilingual.

Subject Areas





Art, Music and Drama

Individuals and Societies


History, Geography,

Language and Literature


English and Italian (Mother Tongue Teachers)

Language Acquisition


Spanish or Italian or German.



Mathematics in English and Italian

Physical and Health Education


Physical Education



Integrated Sciences: biology, chemistry, physics in English and Italian



Information Technology and Design Technology

Learn more about the MYP Curriculum: 


For further information on how the ISC and MYP learning structure is taught, please click here to download the information.