The letter


Even though parents will not be physically present, your influence on this journey is incredibly important.

Evenings will have activities designed to help students think about their place in the world. To help them think about where they are coming from and where they wish to go. One of these evening activities includes a period of solitude where students will be handed a letter from their parents.

Please feel free to write whatever is in your heart, that you would like your child to hear.



If you would like some guidance, letters can contain ideas such as your hopes and dreams for your child, ideas of where they have come from and where you believe they can go. Ideas about what the child means to you and how you feel about them growing into adults.

You can talk about your fears as well or the challenges that they may face. You can include advice and lessons that you have learnt - or wished that someone had told you about when you were their age. As long as it is from the heart, it will be perfect for your child.

Letters will have been kept safe and in total confidence by their accompanying staff member, entrusted to us before the start of the journey. Parents, this is where you will be involved in Il Cammino in such a fundamental way. Even though you will not be there in person, your presence in their lives at this precise time will be greater than ever.