The gift of a community based on strong educational values 

Students stay at the centre of everything that we do in iscomo. This has remained our guiding principle when discussing how to organize, shape and re-shape the daily virtual learning and routines for all our students, from the little ones to the graduating class.  The dedication of our team of professionals with an innovative mindset and the support of our whole community is what we call a success.  

Bluejeans, zoom and class dojo have become our new way of life, both in an academic sense and in a well-being sense. Through these platforms we are sharing our successes in learning and also our worries in this difficult time with our students and teachers. 

We are incredibly proud of our school community united in facing the unexpected challenge. Together we are turning adversity into opportunities. Surely this experience is making us better educators and is transforming how we educate in our community.




At IS Como, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings



IS Como Teacher and Student video testimonials




What I call a pedagogical revolution

What we are experiencing during this time of school closings and operating through virtual learning due is an epochal passage. For the situation we are experiencing, it is the first time that it is not the kids who go to school, but the school that goes to the kids. Technology, instead of being something that replaces the teacher, is something that allows the presence of the teacher.
This is the revolution.

It is not technology that replaces the adult, but technology that allows connection with your teacher,
with your classmates, with your school. It is a technology that allows emotional contact, communication and a sense of belonging. 
In the educational world we are witnessing collaboration and cooperation that has never been seen before: publishing houses are offering online resources, the possibility to follow webinars, to access film libraries and bookstores, and to visit museums from your sofa at home. A new task is born for teachers: to orientate and discern valuable materials and content in a sea of ​​multiple possibilities.

This path of a new pedagogy to be built together has started, I hope that will be based on the real needs and the voices of the students. Once back to classes and normal school life, we will all be different and transformed by the provocations and the challenges faced together. 







“I am enjoying the online learning experience as I have never done anything like this before. Of course, socializing with your friends and teachers in person can be nicer, but I am very appreciative of the fact that in this place in time, we are able to do things like these. Thinking of the first "lesson" I had (international history) it just seemed like the usual lesson that we would have had in school. We asked questions about the task and went ahead and did it, through the help of managebac and being able to talk to our classmates and teacher through a video call. I like this new experience as not only am feeling more independent but also more of a risk-taker, all this while still being supported by teachers.”
Marlitt G9




“I have no words to express my gratitude to you and all your staff for how wonderfully you manage this tedious and complicate situation. I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED BY THE QUICK AND EFFICIENT RESPONSE TO THE SUDDEN CLOSURE. PLEASE GIVE MY THANKS AND A BIG VIRTUAL HUG TO ALL THE TEACHER AND STAFF AND ONE TO YOU FOR WORKING SO HARD BEHIND THE SCENE.”
Grade 7 parent

“Most parents think the school is doing an amazing job, offering a service above and beyond. Many of us are truly grateful and very appreciative. I have love watching my daughter work this week. Seeing all these skills we hear about, being put into action has been astounding.”
Grade 3 parent

Strength of leadership is always reflected by how things work on an operational level, and it can only be determined that your educators have quickly produced a supported, at-home curriculum, with such enthusiasm and professionalism because they have strong leaders and direction from the top. Ms. Ferloni, although it isn’t your face that we see in morning videos or emails from you with specific tailored homework for learning support, I know that it is because of your leadership that these things are happening and that your teachers are so enthusiastically engaging students in a new way- literally over night!  “Thank you” isn’t enough to express my gratitude and admiration but it has to be said!

I would like to thank you and all the ISC staff for the incredible and extraordinary work you are doing. It is not easy for any of us to live a situation of limitation of freedom: it is easy, however (as in fact it happened), to get panicked and bewildered.
It is not easy to rearrange the family suddenly and make our children understand what situation we are experiencing. I imagine it's not easy for you to manage an emergency context: yet your videos and messages convey serenity. Your constant and exciting support is helping Pietro to maintain his
passion and curiosity for learning. These days we're comprehending what work children do at school every day: it's amazing! Certainly the virtual school requires a commitment from the parents, but this - I believe - must be experienced as a moment of enrichment and growth and not as a constraint.