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Artificial Intelligence in the commercial world has been around for at least a decade now. In recent times, ChatGPT has certainly fueled the growth of interest in this technology but, equally, has highlighted the atavistic distrust of new technologies. This includes the world of schooling and education. Some questions therefore arise in this regard: what is the potential of Artificial Intelligence in learning? And how will it impact the way we teach and learn? Can AI be the key to really achieve that inclusiveness and degree of curriculum depth such that it will chart the way for the teaching of the future? 


Iain Sachdev, Head of Education of ISE, and Emanuela Girardi, founder of POP AI and expert on these issues, both guests of Login the Corriere della Sera channel dedicated to new technologies, tried to answer these questions.

Iain Sachdev shared Inspired’s perspective, which has always been to be innovative to improve the educational experience of teachers and students, and the Inspired group has been keen to seize the potential of AI from the very beginning. In fact, this year saw the launch of Inspired AI, an online learning tool for students. It combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. The platform identifies each student’s unique strengths, gaps in knowledge and misconceptions. Students can log in and complete work that has been suggested for them by the advanced recommendation engine or work that has been set by teachers. It allows students to take control of their own learning and for teachers to get real-time data on progress, so they can quickly identify which students need support or additional challenge.

See the video talk here