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On Monday 24 October, our school celebrated United Nations Day. We wanted to turn what we used to celebrate as 'International day' into an opportunity to explore cultural diversity, which is a founding characteristic of our community. And it was all the more exciting to have the active participation of 17 representatives of the 47 nationalities present in the Institute who, together with a UNICEF representative, kicked off the event.


We all tried together to go beyond the surface of the concept of culture itself, through the design of shared moments that involved students, teachers, and parents. In fact, our community spent the entire day participating in hands-on workshops and music, dance and theatre performances set up throughout the school and dedicated precisely to discovering the traditions and typical aspects of the different cultures present in our Institute. Music and entertainment, art and tradition, became a tool to understand the different cultures and unite them: from the performance of the Ukrainian choir to the traditional dances of Transylvania, from "Greek" piano to Italian opera, passing through flamenco and the art of ceramics. There was also no lack of in-depth seminars on the themes and values shared by our school, such as the focus on human rights, or reflection on sustainable technologies and the SDGs2030. The 'Expo' area, made possible thanks to the commitment and help of many parent volunteers, was also very much appreciated.


As an international community, we know that we have many opportunities to learn from each other and we are confident that events like this can be a unique opportunity for cultural and personal enrichment. Therefore we wanted to propose a programme that encapsulated concrete and tangible learning, to create a day with truly 'educational' implications, delving into those often 'invisible' aspects of the cultural iceberg.


A heartfelt thank you to all participants and in particular to the parent volunteer committee and the staff of the Institute, who made the success of this day possible.