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International School of Como is looking for future changemakers to join our High School community. Discover below our scholarships and how to apply:

Criteria for selection*:

  • Students of high school, not currently enrolled in International School of Como (age 14 years plus) applying for grades 10 to 13. 
  • academically excellent
  • competent in English, highly motivated to succeed, involved in school life to its fullest (for example, extracurricular, leadership, charity)
  • excellent attendance and behaviour record.

What we require:

  • letter of application outlining how the students meet the criteria
  • state your motivation for applying and why you think you should be awarded with a scholarship
  • reports from your most recent school.
  • a satisfactory reference from your school

Scholarship will last until students complete high school, as long as they continue to meet the selection criteria; maintain high academic outcomes, maintain high standards of engagement and motivation, actively involved in the wider school community (clubs, leadership, service, events), excellent attendance and behaviour.

Deadline: March 4th 2022

No geographical restrictions

* We will not accept applications from students whose parents have school fees covered in their relocation package or those that are already entitled to company discounts.